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Key areas:


Future of Work

Learning Design

Aksinya Samoylova is a multi-specialized senior professional with expertise at the dynamic intersection of People & Talent Acquisition, Future of Work, Corporate Training, Polymathic Research & Learning Design, integrating Generative AI technologies.

She saw that versatility is often overlooked or ignored in the hiring and management process, and that the same issue is endemic to international educational practices. Aksinya felt compelled to investigate polymathy and how it impacts education and work. The result was her book, Why Polymaths?

Aksinya’s keynotes draw on a unique combination of the original research she has compiled over many years, and her passion for Philosophy, World History, Art History, Asian Studies, Antropology, Architecture and AI. She is Fluent in English, German, Russian, and Italian.

Aksinya lives with her husband and daughter (13) in Vienna, Austria.

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