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Aksinya's Talks
on Education

Select from my wealth

of knowledge and findings


  • 3 impactful but unknown pedagogical innovations

  • 3 main obstructions to learning, and how to overcome them

  • Why and how to introduce self-directed learning in formal schooling

  • Who kills curiosity?

  • Can schools learn anything from children who don't go to school?

  • How to cultivate a scientific mindset

  • How to support multi-gifted kids

  • How to obtain depth in learning in the age of fast-food information

  • Why is Leonardo da Vinci still an icon in the 21st Century?

  • Poetry, dance, science, and finance: how to combine arts and sciences into a learning process


​Learn about forgotten treasures of the philosophy and practice of learning from different cultures, and find out which approaches and tools could be decisive for transforming today's education system.

  • Vedic and Buddhist India

  • Ancient China

  • The Golden Age of Islam

  • The Soviet Union

  • The Americas

  • The Christian Tradition

  • The History of Progressive Education

This is a series of talks that I usually provide as a single package, which provides a complete picture and leaves the audience in awe at the sheer variety of different cultural approaches. Each talk is a multimedia presentation 1.5 -2 hours long, and can also be ordered separately.


  • How polymaths shaped the world we live in

  • Systems thinking: the polymath's magic key

  • Versatility: nature vs. nurture

  • What is polymathic education?

  • Polymathic curriculum design

  • How do we cultivate polymaths?

  • Interdisciplinarity vs. polymathy 

  • Hotbeds of polymathy need to make a comeback! 

  • How to shape a multidisciplinary mind

  • The best professions for modern polymaths

  • Soviet “phys-math” schools: a polymathic wonder

  • How polymaths innovate new paradigms

  • Polymathic business leaders

  • The future belongs to integrators

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