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Today’s most significant risks are immediate and impactful, as we find ourselves in a new global systemic risk environment. Businesses must adapt to sudden market changes, rethink business models, even reinvent themselves, all while remaining stable.

This is where people with multidisciplinary profiles, called polymaths, can come to the rescue. Research shows that polymaths are effective problem-solvers and innovators because they naturally integrate knowledge and skills from different domains.

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Did you know?

There are only a handful of people in the world who research and work with polymathy.

Be inspired and trained by one of them!

Aksinya's Services to Companies

I show how to identify this polymathic potential within your organization,

or attract it from outside. 

If you are a business-owner looking for a strategic change,

a conference planner designing your next event,

or an HR professional looking for training that will make a difference, 

let me help you.

Headhunting of a Polymath

to uplift your business

Worldwide unique:

The Polymath Search. As an experienced headhunter and polymath expert I will find the best suiting multi-specialist to enhance the performance of your business

Polymath Competency Training for

Executives and HR

Learn how The Polymath Competence can boost your company's potential. Why and how to attract and keep polymathic employees? How to benefit from their versatility?

Out-of-the-box Talks


Business Conferences

Multidisciplinary Inverstors

Polymathic Business Leaders

How Polymath Competence can boost a company’s potential?

Why is demand for polymaths growing in the 21st century?

Aksinya's services for companies

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